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Quality original art speaks volumes. Whether it is inside your home, business, or cottage, art reflects your taste, style, personal values and professionalism. Original art can bring enjoyment for a lifetime. Joanne Poluch is an established art consultant that will help you source, find, place and negotiate the best possible price for all your art needs.


Remarque Art Consulting is owned and operated by Joanne Poluch. Joanne holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History from the University of Guelph. In addition, Joanne has, and continues to manage, the Art Sales & Rental program at the Art Gallery of Guelph. Joanne has enjoyed a solid reputation with her art consulting business since 2010. 

Remarque Art Consulting is a multi-faceted business and is based on exceptional customer service in a relaxed and gracious manner. Joanne has an active coaching and mentorship practice with artists across North America. With her extensive expertise, Joanne is also called upon to be a guest speaker, and educator at arts organizations around the country. 


The role of an art consultant is to help source, find, place and negotiate the best possible price for all your art needs. No budget is too small, no job is too large for Remarque Art Consulting.
"Thanks so much for nudging me in the right direction and for being so supportive. 

The few hours we spent together were really phenomenal. Your advice and inspiration was a ‘boot to the bum’. I have always loved being an artist but your direction and business savvy has been my guiding star.

You are the best thing that’s happened to me as an artist Joanne. 

I am climbing that mountain thanks to you!."
Waterloo, Ontario
"Meetings with Joanne were fantastic! You helped me to rethink my career path by giving me many questions to answer. Those questions will keep me on track while I expand my artistic boundaries. Yesterday's session was like a light switch being turned on in a darkened room. I am seeing the path clearly without those cobwebs that have been troubling me for a long time. 
Bravo Joanne and Thank you!  
Truly appreciate it."
Peter Cheung
Burlington, Ontario

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Remarque Art Consulting, in conjunction with Rogers 20 TV, hosts a weekly arts based show featuring a wide range of talented and accomplished artists. This half hour weekly series presents “artists”  from visual artists to chefs, architects, actors, musicians, fashion designers and other folks working in the arts in our Region. This show, is receiving RAVE REVIEWS.  This ongoing series will continue to showcase the best artists in all of Waterloo, Perth, and Wellington counties.

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