Art Mentorship & coaching

All artists want their work to be appreciated and valued. They want their work to gain exposure and ultimately, sell their work in the best possible fashion. Art mentorship and coaching is an opportunity to explore hearing your own inner voice, to gain control over your marketing skills and re- light your artistic fire that always burns inside of you.  These Art Mentorship sessions will afford us the opportunity to explore your work, examine the success of your social media exposure, benefit from succinct, clearly defined artistic statements and gain an understanding of the competitive market.

I can't wait to assist you in reaching your goals!

My experience over the past ten years had provided me with the ability to help artists:

  • Define career goals

  • Challenge any areas that prevent you from reaching your goals

  • Build confidence

  • Act as a resource and support to pave the way forward

  • Assist with show setup and take down

  • Provide honest critique via one on one sessions

  • Coach you on social media skills

1 hour sessions

Each coaching session involves a one hour art consultation with Joanne.

in person/by phone

In-person consultations can be arranged for Guelph & surrounding area, however phone consultations are also available!

remarque reviews

The Gold Standard in Art Consulting – Feedback from Artists!



I recently had the opportunity to attend this E Seminar with the Arts on the Credit Artists, coordinated by Marie Payne. The information for me was invaluable. A couple of important points truly resonated with me and will help me focus on what I need to do and not do. Joanne really knows the business through years of experience and has the skill to be factual and honest. I  left feeling uplifted and energized.

Adriana Rinaldi, Oakville


Joanne came to my studio for a personal visit and gave me some insightful advice and perspective. I then had a new appreciation on how to present my work to perspective buyers by elevating my finished work, learning who my audience is and could be, and presenting me with other resources to advance my career as an artist.

Ralf Wall, Kitchener


Just the  most amazing hour long consultation with Joanne Poluch (Remarque Art Consulting).

Lynda Baxter and Art in Canada, thank you for this opportunity, it was interesting, insightful and left me with answers to questions pertaining to my art, that had be befuddled me for a long time. Joanne is a very knowledgeable and lovely lady. This because of being the winner entering my piece “Tired and Retired” in the “Abandoned” contest.

I do appreciate this opportunity. 

Anna - Maria Dickinson, Flesherton


I felt I needed some guidance under my new milieu in Waterloo after moving from Toronto. Joanne was down to earth, bordering on tough and I needed that honesty. I’m glad I met her and her positive and knowledgeable response makes me feel confident that I have found an excellent contact.

Elizabeth Forrest, Kitchener


I have known Joanne as a mentor for a long time. She has a unique way of sharing her knowledge with sensitivity, passion and business acumen. She knows the pulse of the industry and is very well connected and informed. She always comes up with exciting ways to present art like planning a theme, live demos and auctions.

Sonal Raje, Guelph


had a great informative hour+ chat session with Art Consultant, Joanne Poluch today.

I received lots of smart feedback about my art and advice about where and how to move ahead at this time. 

Thanks to Joanne and to Art in Canada for making this possible 🙂

Mark Heine, Victoria, B.C.

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