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ALL artists want their work to be appreciated and valued. They want their work to gain exposure, recognition and ultimately, sell art in the BEST possible manner.  Art mentorship/ coaching is YOUR opportunity to explore listening to your inner voice, gain control over your marketing skills and reignite your artistic fire.  My one hour mentorship sessions are jammed packed with value, positivity and compassion.  My sessions will afford us the opportunity to explore your work, examine the success of your social media exposure, benefit from succinct, clearly defined artistic statements, gain an understanding of a very competitive market AND find solid direction in securing gallery representation.

JOIN the long list of artists at all levels who have boosted their confidence and are NOW enjoying success in a rapidly changing art environment!

I can't wait to assist you in reaching your goals!

Years of Expertise in working with Canadian Artists.

  • Define career goals
  • Challenge any areas that prevent you from reaching your goals
  • Provide honest critique via one on one sessions
  • Coaching on social media skills
  • Tips on ramping up social media skills
  • Current ideas on approaching art galleries
  • Building other forms of income streams from your art
  • Writing strong artist statements & CV’s
  • Advising on current developments in the market
  • Learning how to develop a consistent brand
  • Understand how to survive in the new digital world
  • Learn how to build REAL confidence!

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1 hour sessions

Each one hour session is held in strict confidence and are honest, direct and productive.

in person/by phone/by zoom

Out of province? Zoom consultations may be accommodated from anywhere in Canada.

The Gold Standard in Art Consulting – Feedback from Artists!



I totally enjoyed Joanne’s easy rapport that makes her clients comfortable in the discussion. 

Her broad knowledge of art and of the art business is indisputable. 

Her experiences helps her to zero in and to give an accurate analysis of her clients practices.

This unique ability and her willingness to help me made my experience a very satisfying and worthwhile..

Carole Finn,
Victoria, B.C.


Joanne took on the task to jury over 200 works for our International Women’s Day ‘Show.

Joanne juried with a sense of humility and a sharp eye.

She is a real champion of the arts community.

Thank you Joanne

Laura Abbott,


Joanne is a kind a caring consultant, who is very knowledgeable about the art market. 

She listens carefully to what the artist needs, and is encouraging and empowering. I recommend her consulting services.

Lynda Goldman, Montreal, Q.C.


Every artist needs a Joanne Poluch in their corner. 

I am very grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Joanne. She is a sincere and insightful consultant that can see past the surface and help an artist go deeper.

Joanne was instrumental in updating my artist statement and bio.

She has the beautiful ability to celebrate the artist she is working with!

Carlo Amantea,


Working with Joanne has been an absolute pleasure.  

Honest in her assessment and feedback of what I needed beyond what I thought I needed. 

I would definitely work with Joanne again and treasure that she has my back and is cheering me on.  

She is a gifted and caring mentor/consultant and I highly recommend Joanne.

Thank you!

Marney-Rose Edge
 Vancouver, B. C.


Meetings with Joanne were fantastic! You helped me to rethink my career path by giving me many questions to answer. Those questions will keep me on track while I expand my artistic boundaries. Yesterdays session was like a light switch being turned on in a darkened room. I am seeing the path clearly without those cobwebs that have been troubling me for a long time. Bravo Joanne and Thank you!  Truly appreciate it.

Peter C., Burlington

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