Big Dramatic Questions Art Studio


In 2018, former powerbroker and heavyweight Bay Street lawyer, Heather Laidlaw, decided a dramatic lifestyle shift was in order. In her spare time, Heather had been traveling the world over learning and experimenting with various art forms to “keep the soul nourished. But the AHA moment was revealed to her.  Heather moved from her successful Toronto practice to establish and build a simply incredible AHA studio space in Blue Mountain.

Big Dramatic Questions is part of AHA studios – a 1500 square foot state of the art ventilated art studio. Heather invites world-class instructors from all over North America to come for week-long art classes to teach emerging or novice artists to play, explore, and enjoy creating their own masterpieces whether through metal sculpture, encaustic painting, assemblage or collage.

Heather became particularly enchanted with the medium of encaustic. Encaustic is a hot wax treatment using heated beeswax mixed with pure paint pigment to create artwork, either on wood, canvas or other porous textured surfaces. Blowtorches, heat guns, scalpels and various other instruments are scattered around the gigantic studio space for endless possibilities.

This particular video features Remarque Art Consulting hosting a “Girls Weekend Retreat” where five women got to just play for an entire weekend using encaustic treatments in various formats to produce a treasured 12×12 inch masterpiece. Each piece was entirely different, some of us stumbling upon various creations or others just quietly letting big inner dramatic questions reveal themselves.

Big Dramatic Questions are yours to unfold. Check it out!