What happens when a perfectionist has to give up control?

What happens when you explore the play between chaos and control in your role as a professional artist?

Among other things, Grimbsy artist Bruno Capolongo practices the centuries old Japanese artform of Kintsugi.

Kintsugi a stunning form of art making still practiced in Japan today whereby broken pottery  pieces are mended back together by using lacquer dusted with powdered gold to create the most dazzling works of art. 

In this video, Bruno demonstrates the smashing of the material and how the pieces will be placed together to create these masterpieces. Bruno never knows where the artwork will end up. It is about the process more than the planning of the work.  In Bruno’s case, 23K gold is used to mend the shards. According to Bruno, this process is about the shattering of life, the chaos that life throws at us, either though illness, broken relationships, other other hardships that we all face at some point in our lives. But although broken, we all have the opportunity to be put back together with a golden mending.

You may experience profound insight as you enjoy this interview.

I hope you do!