It is often a pleasant experience to find a new, young artist who is full of enthusiasm and steely determination. Korey is one of those artists who just does not take No for an answer. Refreshing to have that much moxy……..

Korey has a very interesting backstory. He started life as an orphan abandoned on a doorstep in his native Bangladesh. At the age of four months, Korey was adopted into a Canadian Mennonite and religious family in rural Ontario. This transition was undeniably problematic and Korey’s life, for many years was full of angst and brokenness.

But Korey did find his way out of his darkness and his art became his therapy. Korey’s work is collage and is based on his many layers of thought process of tearing apart and rebuilding. Korey collects and catalogues old photos, his own photography, magazine articles, even old bills and stitches them together in a pleasing design fashion. His artwork is now catching the attention of several important figures in New York City for this particular genre in the art world. Although Korey, like many artists, has suffer major disappointments in getting his voice heard through his artwork and with which Covid disrupted a solo show in Athens, Greece, this young artist now has his sights on Atlantic Canada. He will be setting off for Glace Bay, Nova Scotia shortly to ply his trade to the East Coast.

Good Luck Korey! I will keep my eye on you.