Have you ever experienced heaven on earth? You can, and you will, if you are fortunate enough to visit the Marc Chagall Windows at the Art Institute of Chicago.

On a recent trip to Chicago, I drank in the 6 panel window series of Chagall’s masterpiece. Each colourful glowing panel symbolizes a tribute to the arts – music, painting, theatre, literature, architecture and dance.


Abstracted but intricately detailed at the same time, these marvels in glass were a gift by Russian artist Marc Chagall to the city of  Chicago and were unveiled  on May 15 1977 at the Chicago Art Institute. The variegated shades of blues along with slashes of sunflower yellows, reds, oranges and greens stun the viewer. These windows are now embedded into any art lovers psyche. Don’t miss it!


More pictures from the Art Institute of Chicago: