Artist Interview with Norman Busse


Guelph-based artist Norman Busse is a visual storyteller. Busse’s artwork, more often than not, borders on the absurd, grotesque or enigmatic – think Francis Bacon, Eric Fischl, Alex Colville or Bathus. There is always the element of just ‘what happens next’ that we do not know about in his pieces. Norman holds a BA in Fine Art from the University of Guelph and a B.Ed from Queen’s University.

Busse’s artistic career has been expansive with many shows, primarily in Ontario. His work is held in a multitude of private collections, often being sold to savvy collectors who gravitate to the unconventional.

For many years, Norman enjoyed the teaching profession at the high school level as an Art and  English teacher. I am certain all of his students LOVED him! This artist is a fountain of art historical and technical knowledge.

Cinematic, theatrical, engrossing, grotesque, tense, chilling and most often voyeuristic, Norman’s work weaves a tale in art through his visual clues and symbols often rooted in art historical images. Sometimes melancholic and often socially isolating, his figures seep emotion. The viewer is left perplexed and quizzical. Isn’t this the motivation of a good artist?

Busse’s work is continually intellectually stimulating and utterly conversational. You do not walk away from Norman Busse’s work untouched and unchallenged. Like most artists, Busse is reluctant to tell us his interpretation of the artwork. Rather, like a good sleuth, he leads the viewer to interpret their own story and ideas through his artwork.

I had the pleasure to work with Norman on several occasions, our last encounter mounting a solo exhibition at Langdon Hall in Cambridge, Ontario. This show brought high praise and acclaim from the Ontario art loving public. For further images, please check out Norman’s website at Please call me if you are interested in Norman’s work. I will be representing him at this time.

Thank you.