I had the pleasant opportunity to meet Olaf one sunny summer morning in
his studio in Mississauga, Ontario. Greeting me in a glistening sweat and in yoga attire, Olaf exuded energy and intensity as he just finished his online yoga work out. Olaf has had an amazing art career beginning in his 20’s when he came to be regarded as one of Canada’s best mural painters. Using an airbrush to the max, Olaf painted huge billboards in and around Toronto.

His talent was quickly recognized as the best in the biz. Often, his billboards were over 30 feet in length and he hand-painted in the worse weather you could imagine. Olaf’s father was a Mosport sport car driver. This catapulted Olaf into the world of beautiful and fast automobiles and it was not long before his paintings of Formula One race cars landed him in lofty circles. He went on to be connected to people of prominence in the art world in France and landed two of his pieces in the Louvre in Paris and meeting Paloma Picasso to do an art show in the south of France! Not too shabby for a small-town Ontario boy.

Today, Olaf paints in a much quieter setting in the comfort of his home
studio. As a member of the prestigious Oil Painters of America Olaf paints
what moves his soul. Whether it is a stunning Canadian landscape with a
canoe begging to be paddled on a calm lake or a lively pair of squawking,
colourful parrots, Olaf has been well recognized and awarded in the
Canadian art world for his expertise and finesse.

He has heralded top honours in International Artist Magazine, The Interior Design Show and Ducks Unlimited Canada. His work of course, is held in many private collections throughout the world.

What a thrill to finally meet this incredible artist whose talent knows no bounds. Olaf continues to be mentored and coached by two well-known artists. I cannot imagine why Olaf isn’t doing the mentoring!