professional development

  • Registered Art In Canada Art Mentor & Coach 
  • Juror for  Art in Canada
  • Art Seminar presenter to Arts Organizations

  • Marketing Unleashed for Facebook & Instagram

    This is a self study training program strictly geared to small business owners to enhance their marketing savvy using social media fully to drive sales and engage viewers.

  • Soul Essence Branding by Kat Corey
    This is a training based module taught by a 25 year marketing expert working with world brands such as Nike, CocaCola, Caburys, Lego etc. This course was designed to learn to create a brand for core marketing.

  • Crystal Bridges Art Seminar
    This was a day-long seminar for art professionals concerning the art & architecture of the Alice Walton collection in Bentonville, Arkansas. 
    President Bill Clinton was keynote speaker

  • ART MBA: Fine Art Summit 2020  hosted by New York art connoisseur  Migel Mayher
    This  virtual seven day educational seminar featured 37 accomplished artists and career experts from around the globe speaking about many aspects of art including their own practice, the art of marketing art, the savvy use of social media, what major art collectors are buying and what it takes to thrive as a visual artist in the 21st century. Founder Migel Mayher coordinated the Tokyo 2020 Olympics art initiatives.  
  • Sotheby’s Institute of Art Certification
    Art world Marketing and P.R. Communications (June-July 2020)

art lectures & seminars

London Drawing Club: Artemisia Gentileschi & Henri Matisse  (2020)

London Drawing Club: Women in Impressionism (2020)

London Drawing Club: Frieda Kahlo (2020)