What my clients are saying:

"Joanne Poluch believes passionately that the fine arts add tremendous value to our lives. She knows instinctively that a life without great and beautiful art is only half lived. I think the world needs more Joanne Poluchs!"
Bruno Capolongo
Grimbsy, Ontario
"I had the privilege of meeting Joanne in 2019 on her visit to Barbados to deliver a seminar to a group of artists on the business of how to market artwork. The session was extremely informative and I was most appreciate when she took time out of her business schedule to personally visit my studio. Joanne was honest and deliberate in her critique and also in her praise for my new developments. Joanne is a wealth of knowledge and is selfless in her sharing of her expertise."
Cher Antoinette
"I have had a long term artistic relationship with Joanne. She is one of the most professional and hardest working advocate for the Arts. She is honest, informed and funny. Would highly recommend working with her."
Annette Kraft van Ermel
Waterloo, Ontario
"Many artists need someone to help them navigate the business side of the art world, commercial galleries, art fairs, public galleries and private commissions. When it comes to a good art coach/mentor, Joanne Poluch is just that. She is very personable, professional and has years of experience and contacts at her disposal. She helped me obtain two shows; one in a public gallery, one in a commercial venue and some contacts for commission work. I am very appreciative of the help she has offered me in the furtherance of my career as an artist."
Norman Busse
Guelph, Ontario
"I have been working with Joanne for over a year now and she has provided a wealth of resources for me to explore the world of photography through classes, competitions etc. She has an eye for excellence and is connected with multiple artists in the same field. I benefited from her encouragement, and feel challenged and motivated through her feedback. I would highly recommend working with Joanne! She is a pleasure to work with."​
Goodland, Florida​
"Joanne has earned a solid reputation in Guelph as a knowledgeable and skilled art consultant. She easily conveys the joy to clients of bringing original art into their homes and offices. Her professional manner and knowledge of the art scene in Ontario is impressive. Joanne's salon evenings have been educational, engaging and fabulous."
Johanne B.
Interior Designer
"Joanne came to my studio for a personal visit and gave me some insightful advice and perspective. I then had a new appreciation on how to present my work to perspective buyers by elevating my finished work, learning who my audience is and could be, and presenting me with other resources to advance my career as an artist."
Ralf Wall
"It has been a great pleasure working with Joanne. I was a new artist on the Marco Island art scene when Joanne introduced me to many key people from the area. She was very supportive and took great interest in my work and encouraged me to move forward. Consequently I secured a group show due to her connections. I fully recommend working with Joanne!"
Mila Bridger
Marco Island, Florida
"Joanne is a pleasure to work with. She knows what we love and helps us find it. She guided us through the process of having a custom piece of art created. Having her insights, artistic eye and experience brought us so much confidence as we worked with the artist. We can't wait to work with Joanne again!"
Larry & Marla
"Working with Joanne is just awesome ! Joanne has this incredible energy and passion for art and this, together with her ability to connect with even a “virgin” original art collector such as I, has made my journey into the world of art so fun, educational and rewarding. And this is just the beginning...."
Lisa G
"Joanne was a juror at one of my very first shows and was generous to work with me to ensure I had a great booth setup. I appreciated her patient yet direct and assertive approach. She expertly guided me when it came time to hanging my work to showcase its potential, pricing and marketing. Since then, I have benefited from her continued support and encouragement."
Waterloo, Ontario
"Working in isolation in a studio for a long time can often have you lose your vision. Having expert, fresh eyes to discuss my work was a life saver for me. Thank you Joanne. I am looking forward to learning more from you!"
S.Nasr El Din
Waterloo, Ontario