What my clients are saying:

"Joanne Poluch believes passionately that the fine arts add tremendous value to our lives. She knows instinctively that a life without great and beautiful art is only half lived. I think the world needs more Joanne Poluchs!"
Bruno Capolongo
Grimbsy, Ontario
"I had the privilege of meeting Joanne in 2019 on her visit to Barbados to deliver a seminar to a group of artists on the business of how to market artwork. The session was extremely informative and I was most appreciate when she took time out of her business schedule to personally visit my studio. Joanne was honest and deliberate in her critique and also in her praise for my new developments. Joanne is a wealth of knowledge and is selfless in her sharing of her expertise."
Cher Antoinette
"Thank you Joanne Poluch for the lovely, inspiring posts. If there are any artists requiring mentoring, this lady is the REAL DEAL. Honest, gentle yet firmly motivating."
Dundas, Ontario
"Many artists need someone to help them navigate the business side of the art world, commercial galleries, art fairs, public galleries and private commissions. When it comes to a good art coach/mentor, Joanne Poluch is just that. She is very personable, professional and has years of experience and contacts at her disposal. She helped me obtain two shows; one in a public gallery, one in a commercial venue and some contacts for commission work. I am very appreciative of the help she has offered me in the furtherance of my career as an artist."
Norman Busse
Guelph, Ontario
"I have been working with Joanne for over a year now and she has provided a wealth of resources for me to explore the world of photography through classes, competitions etc. She has an eye for excellence and is connected with multiple artists in the same field. I benefited from her encouragement, and feel challenged and motivated through her feedback. I would highly recommend working with Joanne! She is a pleasure to work with."​
Goodland, Florida​
"The response from our first session on "Finding Your Voice as an Artist" was full of praise and positive feedback from our members on the comments and contents of Joanne's talk. She opened our eyes to the WHATS HAPPENING' in the world around us and how it impacts our journey as artists; no matter whether our goals are lofty or just down to earth and everywhere in between. It also made us more aware of ourselves and how we can choose the path that is right for us. This was the first in a series of three talks that Joanne will be presenting to our group. Thank you Joanne."
President. Fine Arts Society of Milton
Milton, Ontario
"I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from Joanne Poluch with Remarque Art Consulting. I highly recommend her for everyone who is struggling with the next step of their art business! Joanne’s coaching is efficient, and she offers vision, strategy, action steps, all with encouragement and keeping myself accountable to the next steps. Thank you Joanne!
San Diego, California
"I was one of the eleven artists signed up for taking TAKE 6 this summer, a six part series of art modules taught by Joanne with Remarque Art Consulting. . This has probably been the best virtual art course I have ever taken. Dealing with topics like how to price your work, seeking gallery representation, time management among other things were very helpful topics. I am walking away having gained so much already. I highly recommend Joanne's course to any emerging artist looking for a boost to move your practice forward."
Waterloo, Ontario
"Joanne was hired in the fall of 2121 to jury our Annual show - Windows Open 2021.. Joanne did a masterful job in choosing a show with wide ranging examples of art. She devoted much time and effort to making her choices. Her passion for art and depth of knowledge was shown in her choices of prize winners and her comments were honest, open and enlightening. Each artist felt acknowledged, respected and encouraged. Joanne was a joy to work with. We were so impressed, we invited her to be our keynote speaker at our monthly members meeting. "
VP and Show Director, Markham Group of Artists
Markham, Ontario
"I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for these Zoom (art )meetings and your professionalism and honesty. It an absolute breath of fresh air. You have confirmed many of my suspicions/feelings. Beyond going to these art talks, it is almost like going to a therapist. Looking forward to the next meeting."
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
"Joanne was a juror at one of my very first shows and was generous to work with me to ensure I had a great booth setup. I appreciated her patient yet direct and assertive approach. She expertly guided me when it came time to hanging my work to showcase its potential, pricing and marketing. Since then, I have benefited from her continued support and encouragement."
Waterloo, Ontario
"I came across Joanne while she was teaching a course with the Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver. Joanne helped me to work through my artistic self doubts. She also wrote my artist statement beautifully capturing my vision in a poetic and meaningful way. I strongly recommend Joanne as a coach/mentor. She deeply cares for the artists she works with.
Jazmin Sasky
Vancouver, British Columbia