What my clients are saying:

"It is always a pleasure to be invited to join an Art Salon soiree with Joanne. Her enthusiasm and generous attention to detail is well appreciated both by the artists and her clientele.It is always a most enjoyable evening."
Mary K
"Joanne has earned a solid reputation in Guelph as a knowledgeable and skilled art consultant. She easily conveys the joy to clients of bringing original art into their homes and offices. Her professional manner and knowledge of the art scene in Ontario is impressive. Joanne's salon evenings have been educational, engaging and fabulous."
Johanne B.
Interior Designer
"Joanne is a pleasure to work with. She knows what we love and helps us find it. She guided us through the process of having a custom piece of art created. Having her insights, artistic eye and experience brought us so much confidence as we worked with the artist. We can't wait to work with Joanne again!"
Larry & Marla
"Working with Joanne is just awesome ! Joanne has this incredible energy and passion for art and this, together with her ability to connect with even a “virgin” original art collector such as I, has made my journey into the world of art so fun, educational and rewarding. And this is just the beginning...."
Lisa G

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