…a true Classic Contemporary Man

Ali’s Oriental Rugs. Naples, Florida

Ali Koransantchi was born in Tehran, Iran in 1932 and has watched Iranian carpets being made since childhood.

It was such a rich educational experience to be welcomed by  Ali and his gorgeous daughter, Sandra Drechsler into their vast rug shop in Naples this past winter.

This man knows everything there is to know about the prestigious world of rugs as it has been a family business for over 185 years! Can you imagine?  Ali started his own business in 1959 and quickly became the largest wholesaler of fine rugs in Germany. 

As we strolled around the warehouse, it was a true visual feast for the eyes. A loom sits in a corner of the warehouse showing how various designs are made. There is an infinite repetition of colour and design – both geometric right down to tribal designs that have been made for over 2000 years. 

Sandra, a skilled interior designer in London England indicated she has grown up with rugs all her life as well and deeply values the high quality of materials and the art of design with more traditional rugs. For her, there is deep respect for the rich harmony of colour and traditional values that are embedded into this artform.

Watch as Ali shows me how to identify authentic and investment quality rugs – the kind often auctioned off at Sotheby’s in New York, London and the Middle East. As he did so, it struck me that this man epitomized the essence of classic contemporary himself. His knowledge is so vast.

Do you see the  little pixie in the background who hops on to the carpets in the warehouse?  This is  Ali’s handsome and impish grandson. It was just a delight to spend a sunny warm morning with Ali and his family as my eyes drank in over 2000 rugs in their wonderful warehouse.

Thank you to the Khoransanchi Family.