on the art trail

with joanne

Remarque Art Consulting, in conjunction with Rogers TV,  will be hosting an upcoming art based series for all art lovers within Waterloo, Perth and Wellington Counties. This show, “On The Art Trail with Joanne” will be a ten part series, focusing and showcasing a diverse sector of the arts community in these counties.  Joanne is  delighted and pleased to be the personal host of this entertaining new art series. Stay tuned! 

rogers tv fall/winter lineup 2020/2021

October 29      Jason Bangerter – Langdon Hall

November 5     Rachel Behling – Auburn Vintage Clothiers

November 11   Carolyn Horley – Stratford Shakespearean Festival

November 11    Kristene Steed – Rheo Thompson Chocolates

November 17    Laird Robertson – NEO Architecture

November 20    Barbara Collins – Art Therapist

November 26    Murray Gamble – Art Collector & Arts Advocate

December 2      Sherry Czekus – Visual Artist

December 8      Juneyt & Ishra – Flamenco Guitar & Dancer

December 10    Matt White – Green Light Arts

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