how to build an eye popping art collection


Do you think you have to be wealthy to amass an outstanding art collection? I am here to dispel this myth quickly, right here, right now!

Lynn Chidwick, an award-winning Canadian glass artist, and her partner, Terry Petrie, a woodworker/builder extraordinaire, are two such Guelph people who have amassed an outstanding collection of art from all over the world. Pottery, tapestry, sculpture, stained glass and paintings abound as far as the eye can see.  Piece by piece, bit by bit, year after year, collecting art has become their true passion. Terry shares with me that it is a bit like having “old friends in their home all the time.” It takes them away to far away places they may wish to go. Their home has become a living artifact. Both of these two kind and generous art lovers graciously invited me into their home to talk about how art has made their home a living artifact. 

This video has been very successful in reaching an attentive audience! Please enjoy it as Rogers TV and I now host another great episode for Guelph Life.