on Rogers TV/Guelph Life

with Judith Nasby.

Curator Emerita, Macdonald Stewart Art Centre

Donald Forster Sculpture park – Art Gallery of Guelph

In 1983, then gallery director of the Art Gallery of Guelph, Judith Nasby, was charged with the task of putting together a sculpture park that represented the best sculptural works from artisans in all of Canada. Now retired from her previous role as long serving gallery director, Judith enjoys the mantle of curator emerita as a testament to her long serving and distinguished role at this gallery. Judith truly leaves her legacy within each and every piece of sculpture.

This sculpture park now ranks as one of the best and most diverse sculpture parks in Canada with its 39 sculptures drawing local visitors and travellers from afar. Students are often found eating their lunch within the park, children enjoy climbing and playing on the various art works and local citizens are often found decorating the begging bear which stands regally in front of the gallery with its paw outstretched for the odd bit of change!

Please enjoy my interview with Judith as she shares how all of the pieces were chosen with forethought, wisdom and great vision.

A book on the history of the sculpture park written by Judith will be released early in the fall of 2021.