I wish I was 8 years old again AND had an art teacher just like School founder, Eileen MacArthur. Day camp this is not!

Eileen, a very successful Ontario artist in her own right, founded this charming little gem in 2019. The moment you enter this studio space, you revert back to memories of the smell of crayons and glue and the coolest papier mâché projects you ever made. Light streams in through the large windows and there is not a house in sight, just rolling green pastures and the wisp of green trees in the distance.

This Art School is found on a quiet, serene and pastoral three acres just on the outskirts of the small town of Arthur, Ontario. Eileen’s art school teaches more than art – she teaches students from 6-teen and adults about life. Her classes encompass learning art fundamentals like colour, form, line and theory but in such a novel way, kids learn without even knowing they are learning! They are really making a piece of art  –about their life. Art becomes new to them but more importantly, new to the world in which they inhabit. Before you know it, students are learning about art history and famous works of art that you never heard of! Pretty magical stuff.

You just gotta check it out! It will bring out the inner child and nourish the child that needs to learn about life.

Well done Eileen! . I knew I would love your art school environment long before I stepped foot inside the completely fabulous studio space. This is how is must feel to be free as a bird and perch inside a kaleidoscope for a while.