Capture the Buzz

with Annette Kraft van Ermel

Walking casually into the studio of this award willing Canadian artist is like stepping into a romantic dream-like Shakespearean play – think Mid Summer’s Night’s Dream. Waterloo artist, Annette has developed her own unique style of encaustic painting which incorporates wax with oil paint. Endless possibilities stream out of this medium – blending, bleeding, puddling and layer upon layer of buildup and take down.

There is raw allure to Annette’s work. Her subjects are often found in nature, flora, bees, insects. This has always been Annette’s world.

Determination plus inspiration drives this very exciting artist as she manoeuvres successfully through Covid times.

“Painting is about painting” according to Annette. In other words, the process of creation is the more important than the end result. With this philosophy, staggeringly beautiful works of art emerge out of Kraft van Ermel’s work.

Watch during our fascinating interview as Annette candidly talks about the role of colour and how her mission is to find something new – every day.

An ambitious goal but when you find Annette doing amazing creations on a canvas or board placed on the floor instead of a wall, you will begin to appreciate the genius behind this work.

Our interview should be on the must not miss list of every artist in Ontario! There are more tips and tricks that you can learn with every word.