From the World to the Canvas!

with Cory Trépanier

I loved interviewing the intrepid and fascinating Cory Trepanier; I really did………. this man has passion beyond passion for his craft. Cory has been named by Canadian Geographic as one of the Top 100 Living Explorers. This man is SO talented.

Cory’s wild enthusiasm is unparalleled as he rattles off places in Canada unheard of to most Canadians. His expedition stories are absorbing, as he relates that if you paint in the wild in the Canadian North, you best be prepared to fend off polar bears, wolves, and the elements.

Cory is, first and foremost, an artist, but he is also is an immensely talented Canadian filmmaker with five films about the wild Canadian Arctic under his belt. A Painters Odyssey, Into the Arctic 1 & 11, True Wild, and Arctic Awakening. These films should be seen by every living Canadian. They are just stellar. These films were nominated for Best Performing Documentary Program at the Canadian Geminis and have since been picked up the CBC Documentary channel, Bravo Network and are about to go into distribution with the largest TV network in France and Spain.

Into the Arctic premiered at the Canadian Embassy in Washington in 2018. From there, the exhibition (comprising the largest painting ever found in Canada – a fifteen-footer) made its way to the Musee Oceanographique de Monaco where, in 2020, 12 of Cory’s painting were honoured by his HRH, Prince Albert Rainer. Look up Vernissage and you will see an exhibition exhibited in this most luxurious gallery ever.

Cory has traveled to parts of Canada I have never heard of, often traveling and working for up to weeks at a time in the high Arctic and lugging around a 120-pound backpack filled with painting supplies, camping equipment, and his camera. This intrepid explorer knows no bounds.

Both through Cory’s paintings and films I guarantee you will see parts of Canada you have never seen before! However, it is Cory’s supreme motivation that his artwork and films raise the level of awareness of how we are destroying our planet with global warming, pollution, and destruction of our precious biosphere.