Mark Heine is a super talent. His entire family has been committed to the art world starting with his father, Harry Heine who rose to prominence on the Canadian art scene in the 1960s and 70’s with his maritime scenes.

Heine’s two digitized paintings will be included in the ASTROBOTIC/DHL moonbox time capsule which will be launched from Cape Canaveral shortly! Also included in the time capsule are works from 1200 artists, poets, musicians and other creatives. This Moonbox, dubbed the Peregrine Collection is curated by University of Toronto physicist, Dr. Samuel Peralta. 

Mark’s entire series of 84 paintings all depict the Greek mythological creature, the Siren, whose voice calls ancient sailor’s to their peril. The underlying impetus for this work reveals Heine’s perspective on how we are dealing with devastation of our world oceans. 

Heine’s wife is a professional costume designer. So, with an underwater camera and three live models and beautiful flowing garments on the models, Heine was able to capture the flow of the garments underwater, the refracted light and the elegance of the female forms underwater.

He translated these to this canvas.

It is remarkable.

I told Mark I’d be happy be his planetary art agent!