Artist Heidi Berger is a pretty talented operator as she weaves her talent and art between her two worlds, Canada and Barbados. 

Originally from Kitchener Ontario, Heidi has travelled extensively as an artist and today maintains two residences, living for six months in Barbados and six months in Canada. Her art comprises many versatile forms, often painting wax resist and encaustic and using interesting and tactile papers to build up rich textures in the background of her work. This video nicely delves this process.

Heidi paints beautiful people. She tackles her subjects with sensitivity, awareness and elegance. She states she often paints marginalized people and she loves to place them on the peripheral of the scene as the observer rather than the observed. Some of the subjects are frontal however, and their gaze pierces your heart.

Please enjoy this wonderful interview.

I love this work.

It is just so beautiful in every way – layer after layer of stories.