with Bill Schwarz

Inspiration, Interpretation & Imagination

Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Bill set aside his artistic dream for well over fifty years. Instead, he jumped into the world of law where he dealt in facts and the structure of the legal world. But this Cambridge artist readily admits the artistic itch never left him. And how fulfilling it was to take a deep dive into the world of art about twenty years ago. From his first class, he knew he was going to become an artist once again. Although still practising law, Bill is committed to his art practice and paints almost every day.

Bill’s studio is the nicest studio I have ever landed upon. It is colourful, organized and spacious all within the confines of his incredible home.

Art, hung salon style, is of various sizes and sizzles with colours. His work is playful and imaginative often with crooked houses on crooked streets with crooked trees…..can Old Mother Hubbard in the famous rhyme be far behind? I love this quirky quality in Bill’s work and so do plenty of other art lovers as well.

He and his wife, Nancy very frequently travel to Europe, Mexico and Santa Fe for inspiration. Bill conveys his style is built upon the three I’s – inspiration, interpretation and imagination. All three blend into each other to create his signature style. With over 70 sketchbooks close at hand, Bill never lacks source material.

When I asked Bill why it is important for people to have art in their lives his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree……watch my beautiful interview to find out what he has to say!