FLORENCE MARINO, Lawyer by day…

calligrapher by night!

…..Talk about a wonderful way to start a snowy November morning by meeting and learning about the fantastic world of Illustrated Calligraphy through the eye of Kitchener Ontario artist, Florence Marino.

Florence comes from a VERY long line of artists and craft workers. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Florence’s Grandfather worked as a NYC firefighter but was also a Master calligrapher. His trade was called upon many times to design certificates, poetry, cards and the like. Other members of Florence’s family (all seven siblings and two of Florence’s children) have made their way into the fashion/ textile and world of art albeit in various capacities. How cool is that!

Florence is a tax lawyer by day, but by night she enters the tranquil and meditative world via her pen and ink.

Florence’s work skillfully shows integrity, harmony, ancestry, rhythm and creative fire. It has been through a lifetime of travel that Florence has sought and perfected inspiration through calligraphy. As a time honoured and respected tradition, Florence marries the blending of modern utensils with time honoured tools such as inks, brushes and contemporary paper.

Please watch as Florence demonstrates this gentle artform when she sits at the very desk upon which her Grandfather toiled at his craft many years ago.  It has been said that calligraphers’ masterpieces are:

         “the work of an angel not of a human”.