I said it before but I will say it again…….

Julia Veenstra is an artist that has it ALL goin’ on. As a savvy social media influencer Julia, is also a self- marketer extraordinaire, wizard with colour, mentor, teacher and successful art representation across Canada that only a few artists can dream about.

Julia has lived in four countries so far and has work in collections and recognition all over the world.

This talented woman started out life as an artist when she graduated from Sheridan College in Oakville Ontario in 1986. Tone it down her instructions said. But that did not happen!

But a busy life raising five children did have her sidetracked, —–but only temporarily. Her dining room table became her studio and while her kids napped or were in bed at night, Julia set about to have her vibrant and intense brushstroke come to life with her canvases.  Yes, it can be done if you have drive, passion and ambition. These are all of the things I love about Julia Veenstra.

My video will show you just what an artist can accomplish when you put your mind to it. Deeply inspirational and motivating to all.

 Julia IS our modern Emily Carr but Emily’s inspiration just got ratcheted up a whole lot of levels. Julia’s colours just blow your doors off and you will see Canadian landscape alive with colour and bursting with excitement. So wonderful.

Hear Julia talk about her work, her inspirations, her goals and her plans to move forward.


This artist is just going places – plain and simple.