A modern Renaissance man

with Mark Grice

Mark Grice is an author, poet, actor, artist and owns a flourishing art school and gallery in the charming hamlet of Alton at the Alton Mill in Alton, Ontario. He is THE man about town. Mark is a success story in every respect. This interview will focus on Mark’s ability to marry his first love of doing art alongside building a successful business model to have his work marketed all over Canada and the USA.

Mark reveals that the cornerstone to his success is through heavy social media, primarily Facebook and Instagram. He indicates that often times, his paintings sell within minutes of them being posted! Every artist’s dream. This artist is a self-starter and self-promoter extraordinaire. Check out his hip and chic gallery on the second floor of Mill. His artwork inspires, delights, and captivates. The bulk of Mark’s livelihood comes from commission work – any subject, any genre, any time. So if you are thinking of a commission, Mark is your man.

And yes, Mark does look like Russell Crowe.