More Than Pretty in Pink

with Nadia Lassman

Toronto artist Nadia is one hot commodity! Often when an artist finally catches the public’s attention, an art star is born. Nadia Lassman is a true born to the bone art star.

Nadia is obsessed with Impressionism but with a gorgeous contemporary twist. Light just dances in her pieces.

Travelling to Giverney a few years ago ended up providing Nadia with a treasure trove of photographs to gain inspiration and motivation through the magnificence of Claude Monet’s work. Colour, according Monet, can be a day long obsession of joy and torment. Nadia agrees! But there is a natural warmth to Nadia’s work through her soft pinks, light pale greens, gentle baby sky blues and marve purplish skies.  

Nadia traded in her law head and put a paintbrush in her hand instead to see what happened. Primarily self taught, Nadia was a natural with an inner flair and talent that plenty of artists wish they had. Nadia caught fire quickly and by 2015/16 she was in the largest art fairs in Canada and the USA – Art Basel Miami and the Toronto International Art Fair to name a few of the big Daddies. It has been through constant perseverance, hard work and some luck that Nadia has landed on her feet, squarely in the art milieu.

Holding a whack of degrees, Nadia has combined her love of nature with her love of architecture. Romantic, warm, soft, feminine, these would be wonderful descriptors for this artists work. This is what attracts people to Nadia’s work – the gentleness of her brushwork and colour composition. Her work has appeared in Vogue, House & Garden, World of Interiors, Coco Magazine and the popular British magazine, Mayfair.

Pretty in pink yes – but so much more than that!