A true inspiration…….

with Nancy Farrell

I have had my eye on Nancy Farrell’s artwork for a long time. I knew a little bit about her personal art journey, but I knew more about her artwork than about her.

This week I had the privilege to interview this strong and talented artist. What a treat it was!

Small in stature but mighty in spirit, Nancy was born in a small northern Wisconsin town, with not a piece of art or discussion about art in sight. Yet, the rural verdant pasture land and forests left an impression on Nancy that she has never forgotten.

Almost seven decades later, it still emerges in her abstracted, freewheeling art style. It was only in her 50’s that Nancy was free of maternal obligations to pursue a post-secondary education in fine art and sculpture. Nancy admits that she always dabbled in pottery and sculpture but never did anything in earnest until she hit the University of Guelph Fine Art program. Intimidating – you bet. But with Nancy’s determined spirit she burst forth onto the scene. I don’t think she ever looked back.  

I greatly admire Nancy for many things not the least of which is that she remains committed to her artwork – exploring, painting, experimenting and producing quality work that many sophisticated art buyers continue to love. Colour, line, form, energy, tonal values – this abstracted work just grabs you.

You don’t need to understand abstracted art – Nancy will guide you in nuances you never knew existed.