Plenty of Talents


When you first meet this talented Canadian painter, you are immediately struck by his kind and gentle but energetic spirit. Olaf Schneider readily admits he is happiest with plenty of paintings on the go, all at the same time — or his “fur gets itchy”. I believe it.

Olaf’s career spans over thirty successful years. Recognized in the 1990’s as one Canada’s most successful mural painters, Olaf was painting colourful and expansive mural billboards with an airbrush, often up to thirty feet in length. But when your fur gets itchy, you move on to things that go fasssstttttt.

Formula 1 race cars became his domain. His Daddy was a Mosport race car driver so naturally, Olaf gravitated to the racing circuit rubbing shoulders with all the giants in the industry. His first sale was to Mario Andretti.  Olaf’s cars are fast, sexy, and beautiful and if you are into Formula 1, these cars will definitely have you stepping on your gas pedal.

Olaf has roared and keeps roaring into prominence in the art world, both in Canada, USA, and Europe. A couple of his works hang in the Louvre in Paris. He has been showcased many times over in magazines such as International Design Magazine, Ducks Unlimited, Interior Design magazine etc. Naturally his art is held in many private art collections and galleries the world over. Consider the vast depth and subject matter of his work. His palette will knock you flat on your fanny if you let it. His Venetian masks just blows your doors off. At the same time, his gentle Canadian landscapes contentedly place you on a Muskoka chair or stepping into one of his paintings to enjoy a quiet fall paddle.

Olaf’s art exudes joy, energy, excitement and enthusiasm just like the man himself.