For almost forty years, philanthropist and arts advocate, Murray Gamble, has amassed an extensive and eclectic personal art collection. This collection is vast as it is showcased in his gracious home in Kitchener, Ontario. 

Murray modestly calls himself an ‘accumulator’ of art rather than a savvy collector. But I greatly beg to differ. In this interview, Murray speaks candidly about his philosophy with collecting and how he has learned to trust his own instincts with acquiring his amazing collection.

His advice? Buy what YOU love, not what someone tells you to love.  Get to know the artist you are purchasing the work from. Get to understand the meaning behind their work. Buy what you can afford and love it. You taste may change as time goes by, but you can always respect your purchases.

Enjoy a glimpse into this successful businessman’s private world and of whom  he has learned to develop his now well-trained eye. Some of his collection comprises African stone sculpture from Zimbabwe of the Shona tribe. I personally have never seen some of the stone work from this country but it is staggeringly beautiful: lavender, deep ebony and warm earth ochres. 

What a pleasure to meet Murray On The Art Trail With Joanne!