What a pure delight to meet a woman who has been involved with the Stratford Shakespearean Festival for over 50 years!

Carolyn first started making props for the theatre in 1967 almost immediately after she realized her chosen profession by her Mother, nursing, was not going to be to her liking. Her first production she ever saw was with Christopher Plummer in Mid Summer Nights Dream. She was hooked for a lifetime.

She followed her heart and was hired by the Festival Theatre to make props. Carolyn also worked for the Shaw Festival Theatre for a season, The Ballet Opera and the Ed Mirvish Theatre creating her magic with props for the long running and successful production CATS! Yes we all loved those s-h-o-e-s!

Carolyn’s is a talent beyond talent. She has worked in productions with the theatre’s best – Christopher Plummer, Colm Feore, and Anthony Cimolino…..not bad company to be keeping.

Please enjoy this interview as much as I did.

I learned how the backroom of the festival theatre as far as props are concerned, are far from the ordinary…..rubber chicken anyone?