A name synonymous with huge musical talent in Ontario. Turkish born Juneyt Yetkiner came to Canada in 1999 and now enjoy a remarkably successful career performing his guitar classics and Nuevo Flamenco music. Self-taught, this musical talent taught himself to play off of a VHS tape. Flamenco is one of the hardest musical instruments to master.

Please watch as I interview this incredible talent. Juneyt modestly highlights his rise to fame and his winning of countless accolades in Canada and beyond.

The elegant and stunning Ishra Blanco sensually and mesmerizingly performs her moving interpretation of Nuevo Flamenco to the accompaniment of Juneyt’s passionate and rhythmical beat.

It is hard to a young man starting to work at a local Tim Horton’s scrubbing floors to rising in a relatively short span of time to be the opener for Carlos Santana and the most famous guitarist in Canada – Leona Boyd.

What an amazing success story.