A Cacophony of Hues

with Rick Worthington

When you first step foot into the working studio of Elora artist Rick Worthington,  the first thing that assaults your visual senses is the whack of a cacophony hues of  midnight blue, navy, deep classic blue and plenty of other blue tones,  followed by a riot of tangerine or goldenrod yellow strokes. You cannot help but become hypnotized and magnetized by this. His magnificent café scenes immediately catapult you to Manet and Van Gogh.

Rick is a “plein air” painter. So, how does a plein air painter differ from a studio painter? Plein air painters are infatuated with the quality of light in Mother Nature’s studio. They paint outdoors in ALL kinds of weather. Canadian winters do not deter plein air painters. While all painters are interested to capture rhythm, unity, balance and harmony in a work of art, plein air painters like Rick, become enraptured by the perception of light or the impression that light creates. Rick has moved into nocturnal scenes as well in his portfolio because night light, just like day light, also casts it’s own a magical spell. 

Rick is a self-taught artist. He caught the art bug by going to art galleries and exhibitions as a child with his parents. Impressionist painters such as Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet, Manet, Pissarro and others in the pantheon of great painters became embedded in his psyche. After a career in professional world, Rick decided to become a full time artist in 2007. He went on to study with many successful Ontario plein air artists and began to garner public attention by winning numerous awards at outdoor air fairs throughout Ontario – Toronto, Belleville, Georgetown, and of course locally in his home town of Elora. After a brief stay in Victoria B.C, Rick, ever more enchanted light and the mystical qualities natural light offered, found his way back to his hometown of Elora. 

Rick’s style is distinctive. His work always moves your spirit. His use of colour is so masterful that even during the time of Covid-19, Rick  still enjoys success with the Ontario art buying public. Art lovers know a good thing when they see it.

It was such a pleasurable way to spend a warm, fragrant June morning gazing Rick’s work and talking about his craft.  This artwork breathes fresh air into your soul. 

Thank you Rick!