Waterloo Ontario, artist, Sheri East is a hard-working woman – family, full time job, extended family obligations and busy home life. Yet Sheri found her true passion, painting dreamy, feminine florals.

As a self-professed beginning artist, Sheri began to focus on what has always been a part of her life – flowers. She experimented with landscapes and abstractions but she found herself going back to a subject that lies deep in her soul since childhood.

About four or five years ago she began to post her rudimentary images on Instagram. It was through consistency in posting and having friends in the community who began to purchase her work on line that she caught hold on IG. Her success rocketed quickly. What was it about Sheri’s style that got a toe hold first in Ontario, then in the USA and then in Asia and the UK? Sheri cannot put her on it exactly but it happened quickly. She now has almost 6000 followers on IG and growing daily. It can happen! The power of social media at its finest.

Moral of the story – do what you love to do and do it well.

Success will follow, it just will.

Perhaps not in the way you might expect but it will come.