Great photographs have two things, they have balance and they hold secrets. If you have a strong visceral response to something, it is really meaningful.

There are good photographers and there are great photographers – Sylvia Galbraith is a great photographer. Just stand in front of her series featured in the Scottish magazine publication Art North to get a rush in the pit of your stomach. Those rocks, over 500 million years old do something to your soul.

Sylvia started her career as a photographer taking on commercial work and grinding it out doing weddings and family photos to pay the bills. But her true passion lay in much grander things. It was the call to the rugged and wild that tugged on her heart strings. She has now made it! And, it just keeps getting better and better and better……

Often found perched on the edge of a majestic cliff on the rugged shoreline of Newfoundland or trudging through a misty forest in the northern reaches of Ontario, Sylvia loves to photograph in places and environments where most people do not dare to venture. Photographers just do not do one take and they are outta there – it takes hours and hours to get that one shot. She knows it when she gets it. The click of the shutter is the last thing that happens – it is all the preplanning in her head that matters ahead of time.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy my video with this intrepid photographer from Fergus, Ontario. Sylvia is on the cusp of great opportunities with international recognition. Covid or not, Sylvia is ready to roll.

One click is all it takes.